Every week your child will enter the class and be filled with joy! Every lesson they will learn something new and exciting that they will love running out of the studio and telling their parents about it on their car ride home. Your child will be nurtured through their dance journey by our wonderful staff and peers and their confidence and talent will grow tremendously. We praise every child's progress and goal that they have achieved, and we always encourage and give positive feedback when needed to progress further.


Our classical ballet classes are NOT boring! Enjoyment, grace and elegance is rich within our ballet classes and you will enjoy the unique teaching style of our teachers. We follow the Australian Teachers Of Dancing (ATOD) syllabus which is designed to engage you in learning the correct technique to improve your posture, musicality, flow and rhythm. Ballet is the main source for all dance styles. It will get your prepared and technically strong for any other styles you may want to participate in. 


Our tap classes are noisy, enjoyable and inspiring! You will be taught tap under the guidance of the 'Glenn Wood Tap' Syllabus which is designed and also followed by the famous 'Tap Dogs'! You will be invited into the wonderful rustic and hard hitting, street style of tap, where banging your feet on the ground and making as much noise as you can is accepted! 


You will LOVE our jazz classes as you will learn the correct technique of jazz elements such as leaps, turns, kicks and much more! You will enjoy our upbeat music and vibe in the classroom with routines choreographed with the combination of the traditional and commercial styles!


When you participate in our contemporary and lyrical classes you will be dancing the basic foundations of ballet combined with our modern edge. You will be taught and encourage to use your musicality, imagination, creativity, dynamics and emotions in class. You will also learn the correct technique to improve your grace, style, strength and flexibility to perform kicks, leaps, tricks and turns. We encourage all of our students to 'let go' in class and when you do, you will feel like you are free!


You will enjoy our unique style of hip hop which is a take on the American style. You will learn the fun elements of hip hop such as whacking, krump, pop and lock, break, and stunts in our fresh and energetic classes!

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Melissa Bristow

We love that the staff are very approachable, they always listen and try to accommodate us where possible. We also love the friendships our daughter has developed with her fellow students. United Dance is easy going, relaxed, affordable, they have great costumes and awesome choreography!

Samantha Burley

The amount of love and enthusiasm the teachers show towards my child and each and every student is amazing!

Rea Bridge

Thank you Maddi and the team at United Dance for looking out for Alicia and treating her as a valued member of your dance family. I am very lucky to have found your dance studio and I am appreciative of your care and support for Alicia.


It really does take a village to raise children and I am thankful I can be a part of your village!


Become a member of our dance family and never look back at what your life used to be. Experience a joyful, upbeat and positive environment while you dance and enjoy yourself with your new dance friends. Be a part of an enriching community, be inspired and feel motivated every day.
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